About Me

My name is Christopher Russell and I’m the owner of SwapPart TV Repair of Buffalo, NY. I’ve been involved in TV repair since summer of 2013, but I’ve always been involved in some repair industry. I’m just good at fixing things. I ended up in TV repair by pure chance. I have a friend who believes I can fix anything and it’s because of him that I’m involved in this business. We were renovating a basement and the owner had a TV which wasn’t working properly. My friend suggested that I could fix it. My response was that I probably couldn’t fix a TV, but it ate at me. About three weeks later I plugged it in to see what it was doing. It was flickering and ticking. A quick Google search of the model numbers led me to a post on Badcaps.net where someone else had the same TV, and it had the same symptoms. It turned out to be leaking capacitors on the backlight inverter boards. I repaired that first TV, made a bit of money in the process, and found something which I really enjoyed doing. After that, I was spending almost all of my spare time fixing TVs. Eventually, I started doing this full time and quit doing home improvements. It wasn’t money which made me switch professions, I could certainly make more doing home improvements, it was more that I’d found something I really enjoyed doing. Every repair is different, every day involves learning something new, and every successful repair results in a feeling of accomplishment which motivates me to get started on the next one.