TD-GJ4C LED Tester Review

By | May 8, 2018

The new TKDMR LED tester, model number TD-GJ4C, is here. It came direct from China via AliExpress, and as of the time of this writing, there are no sellers in the US who stock it. Shipping was very fast, and it arrived 12 days after placing the order. It’s dubbed an LED smart tester, and it can safely test LEDs without damaging them. It has an input voltage range of 90 ~265 volts AC and comes with a European plug adapter. It has an output current range of DC 0~300mA. And an output voltage range of DC 0~300V.¬† The output current can be adjusted by shorting the test leads together. Unlike the previous TKDMR testers, this model has an ammeter so you can see how much current your LEDs are drawing. It also has a voltmeter like the previous models. I tested this on a few strips I had and was quite happy with how it functioned. You can watch the full video of the review¬†here.

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